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Am currently working on a re-launch for 'The Changing', because let's face it guys, I didn't exactly pust the thing did I? Not that I had any say in the matter at the time but now...let's see what we can do shall we?! second novel is going to be a comedy novel. I am currently writing 'Chips and Wandering Minds' due to some pressure from people who know me well and have been moaning at me to write comedy for a bloomin' long time! It's going well....although I think I may need to may make my website a bit more brighter when it is published! Anybody got any ideas on how to market yourself as the writer of two genres then do let me know! Alternatively, should 'Chips....' be received more favourably then I will know what to do next!


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Davy Taylor is a new writer from London, England whose first horror novel 'The Changing' is available from most online stockists and also as an e-book including Kindle.


Taylor has been interested in the horror genre since he was a child and he has now decided to use his knowledge of the subject to write about scenarios that have been running about his mind for many years. He is a constant student of the day to day behaviour of the human race and what he finds positive and negative about it has been finding its way into his writing.


His style of writing has been likened to a cross between Stephen King and Nick Hornby and considering that these are two authors that Taylor holds in the highest regard then that is not surprising! He believes in humour as a counterpoint to the darker aspects of a plot, a way of "deepening an emotional roller coaster ride."


Taylor writes about normal and everyday scenarios that he has seen and continues to see and throws a worrying spanner into the works; this, he believes, is not always so far removed from the truth, as he feels that more and more people are seeing the world "through cracked glasses."


Taylor is working on his second horror novel but before that he will be publishing his first comedy novel - "Chips and Wandering Minds."








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