So, who on earth am i?

I arrived in this world, as a human baby, on a cold and changeable January day in London, England in 1968. I shall save you the maths and tell you that this makes me 48 years of age....


My first days on this earthly plane were ones of fascination as I figured that teddy's evil look was not caused by his wonky eyes, but by the fact that he was out to get me, and there my friends, was the start of my fascination with horror and what makes us scared!


During my years I have worked in advertising and then in teaching, and if that isn't good training to be a writer of all things gory then I'm not sure what is!


My love and untold respect for the work of the masters of horror - Stephen King, James Herbert, Clive Barker to name just my own personal faves, was always going to inspire me, but so did the world and a lot of its inhabitants, past and present, too....


I have my have your fears too I am sure! I've just decided to face mine full on and maybe even make them a bit more real via the written word and my own dark imagination.....each to their own! 


After much cajoling from people that know me, I will be setting a comedy novel free into the world very soon. I am but a devotee of Python, the great Rik Mayall, Kenny Everett and the timeless joy that is Tom Sharpe, Spike Milligan, Stephen Fry and P.G Wodehouse to namedrop a few.


As for 2017? Let's cross our fingers shall we? I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride!


If you would like to ask Davy something about his writing, then drop him a line.

Welcome To the Davy Taylor website!

Hi! And thanks for landing on this page.


Davy Taylor is a new writer from London, England whose first horror novel 'The Changing' is available from most online stockists and also as an e-book including Kindle.


Taylor has been interested in the horror genre since he was a child and he has now decided to use his knowledge of the subject to write about scenarios that have been running about his mind for many years. He is a constant student of the day to day behaviour of the human race and what he finds positive and negative about it has been finding its way into his writing.


His style of writing has been likened to a cross between Stephen King and Nick Hornby and considering that these are two authors that Taylor holds in the highest regard then that is not surprising! He believes in humour as a counterpoint to the darker aspects of a plot, a way of "deepening an emotional roller coaster ride."


Taylor writes about normal and everyday scenarios that he has seen and continues to see and throws a worrying spanner into the works; this, he believes, is not always so far removed from the truth, as he feels that more and more people are seeing the world "through cracked glasses."


Taylor is working on his second horror novel but before that he will be publishing his first comedy novel - "Chips and Wandering Minds."








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